EffectsDatabase started as DiscoFreq's Envelope Filter Site somewhere early 2003, when I was searching for envelope filters but couldn't find lists longer than 20 models, while I found over 50.

After one year I moved, had to change provider, so I moved the site to filters.muziq.be. But after the filters I started adding ring modulators, octavers, flangers, phasers,... until I decided to add all pedals. In 2009 the site moved to EffectsDatabase.com when I managed to buy that domain (it was not used for a couple of years then).

Counting since August 2006, the site had more than 13.3 million pageviews (November 2011) and will probably reach 5 million unique visitors around New Year 2012.

Some quotes about Effects Database

  • "One of the greatest websites EVER"
  • "Simply the best information found on effects."
  • "Very ambitious given the massive amount of pedals out there."
  • "You can't be into guitar effects and not be a regular visitor of EffectsDatabase"
  • "The related auctions on the right are great, they already cost me a lot of money! thanks!!!" (do you know other sites that get thanks for their ads? ;))
  • "my Bible"
  • "Amazing"

In the media

April 2007

Interview for Fuzz, The Sound That Revolutionized The World (IMDB), a DVD documentary. Other interviewees included Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top), Peter Frampton, Jon Spencer, J Mascis, Steve Albini, Chris Ross (Wolfmother), Craig Anderton, Art Thompson, Mike Matthews (Electro-Harmonix), Scotty Smith (Pro Analog), Mike Pierra (Analog Man), Jeorge Tripps (Way Huge), Zachary Vex (Z. Vex),...

October 2009

Interview (2 pages) with Effector Book Vol.6, a Japanese quarterly magazine.

June 2010

Interview (3 pages) with Poppunt magazine (in Dutch): web version / PDF of print version

November 2010

Interview: Conversation with Bart Provoost of 'DiscoFreq's Effects Database' with Melx: Adventures in Effectors

November 2011

Article: The Effects Database- The Wikipedia of Effect Pedals by Fuzz Box Girl

March 2012

Video: The Messe Guitar Effects Report . At Musikmesse, Craig Anderton (!!!) asked Bart (DiscoFreq) to present the guitar effects report for Harmony-Central

July 2012

A full article about EffectsDatabase in the August 2012 issue of Premier Guitar:

January 2013

Post on the official Electro-Harmonix site: Mike Matthews bought one of the shirt from the "EffectsDatabase Goes To NAMM" Teespring campaign!

January 2013

Video: Winter NAMM 2013 The DiscoFreq (effectsdatabase.com) Winter NAMM 2013 Pedal Report . At NAMM, Craig Anderton asked Bart (DiscoFreq) to present another guitar effects report for Harmony-Central

May 2013

An interview in issue #8 of One Louder Magazine:

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