Overview of new pedals at the 2008 NAMM show

Instead of posting new articles for each new effect, I will update this post, so make sure to check back from time to time.

Thanks to Devon Z for most of the pictures!

new brands, series:

new models:

Fender reissues 4 classic pedals

Two years after the reissue of the Fender Blender, Fender reissues 4 of their classic pedals:

Update: Better eBay results and RSS feeds!

I've been working on an improvement of the eBay results at the bottom of the pages. You can now see results with pictures and search in some other countries than the US too (the ones with the most visitors).

I also added links for RSS feeds. If you really want an effect, but it's quite rare and not often on eBay, subscribe to the feed and wait until you see one. If it's an expensive effect, have patience and wait until you see a cheap(er) one. That's how I found some good deals myself ;)

If a certain feed is not good (too much wrong results,...), let me know and I'll make it better...

Dunlop relaunches Way Huge Electronics!!!

Press release:

    Benicia , CA. January 4 th , 2008.

    Dunlop Manufacturing Inc., maker of the legendary Crybaby and MXR line of pedals, have announced a new partnership with famed boutique effect pedal manufacturer Way Huge Electronics. Originally launched in 1992 by Jeorge Tripps , Way Huge Electronics began as a result of the desire to create killer sounding effect pedals that were road rugged and pedalboard friendly. Way Huge created legendary effects which quickly found their way into the hands—and onto the pedalboards of the world's guitar elite. Using only high-grade circuitry, Way Huge created such effect masterpieces as the Aqua-Puss Analog Delay, Red Llama Overdrive, Saffron Squeeze, and Swollen Pickle Jumbo Fuzz.

Fuzz: The Sound That Revolutionized The World

A new and very interesting DVD documentary about guitar effects: history, builders, community,...

Oh and I'm one of the people they interviewed (on webcam and with subtitles :p)

Overview of new pedals at the 2007 NAMM show

I know it's late, but here's a small list of new pedals at the NAMM show (more than 3 months ago).

New brands or series

New pedals

Percussa AudioCubes part 2

Last year I posted a message about the Percussa AudioCubes. Today their new website went online and the cubes are available for purchase now!

The cubes can now also be used as MIDI-controllers (videos of the cubes controlling the ELektron Machinedrum and Ableton Live are on the site).

Percussa AudioCubes

It's time to tell something about a project my neighbour and friend Bert Schiettecatte is working on: AudioCubes...

Frankfurt Musik Messe 2006

I have my ticket for the Musik Messe in Frankfurt. It will be the first time I go there, but after hearing stories of people who've been there before, I'm really looking forward to it ;)
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