Fuzz: The Sound That Revolutionized The World

A new and very interesting DVD documentary about guitar effects: history, builders, community,...

Oh and I'm one of the people they interviewed (on webcam and with subtitles :p)

Overview of new pedals at the 2007 NAMM show

I know it's late, but here's a small list of new pedals at the NAMM show (more than 3 months ago).

New brands or series

New pedals

Percussa AudioCubes part 2

Last year I posted a message about the Percussa AudioCubes. Today their new website went online and the cubes are available for purchase now!

The cubes can now also be used as MIDI-controllers (videos of the cubes controlling the ELektron Machinedrum and Ableton Live are on the site).

Percussa AudioCubes

It's time to tell something about a project my neighbour and friend Bert Schiettecatte is working on: AudioCubes...

Frankfurt Musik Messe 2006

I have my ticket for the Musik Messe in Frankfurt. It will be the first time I go there, but after hearing stories of people who've been there before, I'm really looking forward to it ;)

Analog Man's Guide to Vintage Effects

I finally bought Analog Tom's Analog Man's Guide to Vintage Effects and I found some effects I never heard about :)

I recommend the book to anyone interested in effects as there's really a lot of information about effects history and effects makers. A lot of pioneers and Boutique effect builders were interviewed.

New Sherman Filterbanks!

Sherman released 2 new versions of their Filterbank 2:
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