[demo] Stone Deaf FX PDF-1 Parametric Distortion Filter (by Joris & Jesse)

Here's a demo of the Stone Deaf FX PDF-1 Parametric Distortion Filter recorded for Effects Database by Joris and Jesse of the Belgian band These Mountains Are Ghosts.


  • Joris Everaerts (guitar)
  • Jesse Sampermans (camera, video editing,....)

Gear used:

  • Hagstrom Deuce F
  • Ampeg V4 (late 70s)
  • Framus CS212 (Celestion V30 speakers)
  • Heil PR 30 mic


  • Tonal options are very broad
  • Frequencies can be boosted, but also cut
  • Cool looks
  • Sturdy construction, to get vintage Maestro filter sounds with a modern and reliable build quality


  • Can be noisy when used together with other pedals
  • No gain control

[review] OGRE Kronomaster Delay (by LievenDV)

The Ogre Kronomaster Delay looks like a time traveler. Hence the name of the pedal of course. But literally; It has the shape of a futuristic helmet and its eye go shine haunting blue when you switch on the effect.

It looks sturdy and it feels heavy. That's because of its solid build quality.

The people at OGRE sure see it as a priority as the brand equips their pedals with a sliding door that covers the controls from any external influences. It all comes firmly fixed in a nice, stylish box as well.

[review] DigiTech Luxe - Polyphonic Detune Pedal (by LievenDV)

As a rhythm guitarists, I'm always very interested in thickening my sound with some texture and yet I've never been a big fan of chorus and flanger, probably because it reminded me too much of the excessive use of the eighties and nineties. I tried adding lower and higher octaves or some harmonies in any possible conceivable combination but I always felt like a hair metal lead player when I turned them on.

I was wondering if this pedal would be for me then...

DigiTech LuxeDescription

The Digitech Luxe is a straightforward detune pedal. Its detune function is similar to that of the Whammy. It comes in a very basic layout and frankly, that's all you need for this.

You'll find two controls, "Level" and "Detune".

Level is the amount of the detuned signal in the blend with the dry signal. 12 o' clock gives you 50/50, just as you would expect.

The Detune can go from 50 cents below to above the original pitch. The design and build quality of Digitech products is great these days. Haters gonna hate when they read this but quality digital effects like this are no cheapo, retarded little brother to "original", analog effects. I even believe Digitech is one of the handful of brands that, through their own learnings over the years, helped to affirm the street cred of digital on the pedalboard.

New pedals at the 2015 NAMM show!

Around this time the doors of the NAMM show open, but based on press releases, leaks, rumors,... you can already find a list of close to 200 new pedals here:

New pedals are added all the time, also keep an eye on Effects Database's social media (Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Google+)

[review] T-Rex NeoComp (by LordRiffenstein)


T-Rex Engineering has been around for a long time, making high quality pedals and accessories that can be found on pedalboards all over the world. In 2014 they launched a new range of smaller pedals. As usual with T-Rex, these pedals have a couple of extra features for you to explore.


So, another compression pedal from T-Rex? Their Comp-Nova is highly acclaimed and can be found on a lot of pedalboards. The Neocomp is not a copy and actually has an extra control. You get Gain, Comp, Attack and Release controls, all that you would need to fine-tune a compressor.

[review] T-Rex Diva Drive (by LordRiffenstein)


T-Rex Engineering has been around for a long time, making high quality pedals and accessories that can be found on pedalboards all over the world. In 2014 they launched a new range of smaller pedals. As usual with T-Rex, these pedals have a couple of extra features for you to explore.

Diva Drive

A smaller form and packed with features, what’s not to like about? Build quality is excellent as usual. The pedal feels solid, the controls have a good feel. The pedal is based on a circuit using the JRC4558 op amp. Yes, like MANY other drive pedals out there, but the Diva Drive has some extra tricks up it’s sleeve. You get the typical gain-tone-volume controls but also a mix control. On the side of the pedal, there is also a 3-way toggle switch.

[review] J. Rockett Audio Designs Archer (by LordRiffenstein)

Rockett Pedals

Rockett pedals was started in 2006 by Chris Van Tassel and Jay Rocket. Both were long time session musicians and they were not totally satisfied with what the pedal-market had to offer.  So they started to design their own pedals, hoping that they would catch on. Their unique custom enclosures are eye-catchers!


The name, the knobs and the logo are obviously a hint as to the background to this pedal.  The Archer is Rockett’s own version of the much coveted Klon Centaur pedal. The controls are very simple and just like the original Centaur: output, gain and treble. The treble control is not a typical tone control but also not just a treble control. You can think of it like a mix between a treble and a presence control. Where the original Centaur came in a big enclosure, the guys from Rockett have put this in a very sleek design.  I only have 1 comment about it: if you use pancake plugs, the space for the power cable is very limited.  Some 9v DC plugs will not fit, it’s best to use a straight plug or a small one.

[review] Strymon Mobius (guest review by 3choplex)

I am slowly working through the presets and also how to tweak everything. It is a complex pedal.

The sound samples, even the good ones, do not do it justice. When I ordered it, I was worried that it would be sterile sounding. It is not. The word I would use in general is buttery. There is no harshness to any of the presets except where it was obviously intended.

The big thing I noticed is how clean it is. I did not notice single preset that added any noise whatsoever.  All the sounds are super high fidelity in a really nice way. Like I said before, buttery.

[review] Joyo Ironman JF-301 Rated Boost - Clean Boost (by rlm)

JOYO TECHNOLOGY is a Chinese company specializing in R&D, manufacturing and marketing digital products for music education. Their main products include: Effects Pedals, Guitar Amplifiers, Tube Amplifiers, Rock House, Metronomes, Tuners, EQ systems, Drum Practice Pads, Pedal Controllers, Synthesizers, E-Erhus, Professional Amplifiers, Stage Amplifiers, WiJoyo Ironman Rated Boostreless Systems, Audio Cables, and Portable Power Supplies. I think most of us know the company for their budget effect pedals like the Ultimate Drive, AC Tone, California Sound and Vintage Overdrive to name a few.

They recently added a new series of effect pedals to their product line up: the Iron Man series. This colorful range of small sized pedals includes different overdrives, boosts and a compressor. Every pedal comes with a patch of velcro so you can attach the effect on your pedalboard and a little piece of foam to put on the bottom to stop the pedal from sliding all over the place when placing it on the floor. Both the foam and velcro are cut to the exact size of the pedal.

Since the pedals are so small, there is no room for a battery. A 9v adapter is required.

The tone knobs are hidden behind a lid. When you activate the pedal, a white led lights up through the black plexi of the lid. All pedals are also true bypass.

[review] DigiTech HardWire Supernatural - Ambient Verb (by LievenDV)

Digitech continues the concept of loading 7 sounds in one pedal. Select a model and tweak the mix, liveliness and decay and you're off.

Basically, the 7 models form a mix of old classics and some new ideas.

DigiTech HardWire SupernaturalIf you like to introduce a psychedelic touch or some fresh soundscaping layers in your song, you might want to check these. Shimmer effects have been very popular among reverb lovers and this pedal features one that you can compare with the more expensive brands.

The plate reverb will pretty much work every time you'd like to add some reverb and the spring reverb is everything you would expect from a solid, decent but not exceptional reverb. The newer ideas add hints of modulation like phaser, chorus, flanging and some pitch shifting. These "ideas" sound quite specific so I wouldn't call them subtle. Of course, your mix setting will determine how subtle -you- want it and I noticed that this pedal gets very interesting when it follows up on a basic delay. Especially the newer sounds were valuable in this setup. While the classic sounds did a good job without a delay in front of it, the combo with the newer ideas will please the more experimental of nature.

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