10th anniversary giveaway: week 4

Welcome to the fourth week of EffectsDatabase's 10th anniversary giveaway!

Last week's winners have been announced and contacted, but since I didn't hear back from all of them yet, I can't say who gets what yet.

  1. jsetov (forum, ???)
  2. Conrado Ruggieri (Facebook, Brazil)
  3. Chad Taggard (forum (cheapbasslovin), USA)
  4. Nicolas Auvinet (forum (nohaybanda), France?)
  5. Sören Manzel (forum (Corvi), Germany?)
  6. Sean Booth (Facebook, USA)

There are 2 ways to enter for 2 changes to win:

  1. Chance 1:
    1. Like the Facebook pages of EffectsDatabase and the brands in this week's giveaway (you can already do that here for the other weeks as well).
    2. Share this week's image on EffectsDatabase's Facebook page
  2. Chance 2 (since not everyone has Facebook, but this is a 2nd chance if you do):
    1. Make a post in this week's thread in the forum under giveaways.

On Saturday (June 22) all entries will be put into 1 list and 6 (random) winners will be picked. 1st winner gets 1st choice, 2nd winner gets 2nd choice etc.
If I don't hear back from a winner in 48 hours I let the winners who responded choose already (probably on Tuesday), so make sure to read your private messages or to check the list of winners!

Good luck!!!

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