Weekly overview (2017, week 45): 3 new brands and 45 new pedals

collage of this week's updates

3 new brands

  1. Hochstrasser Electronics
  2. Mugig
  3. Smirnov Electronics

45 new effects

  1. 6 Degrees FX Amplitude ELEVEN - Class A Overdrive
  2. Aroma ARE-5 Rotary
  3. Aroma ASF-5 Silicon Fuzz
  4. Blaxx (by Stagg) Bass Equalizer
  5. Blaxx (by Stagg) Bass Limiter
  6. Blaxx (by Stagg) Equalizer
  7. Blaxx (by Stagg) Looper
  8. Caline Music CP-43 Pegasus - Overdrive
  9. Donner Nano Looper with 3 modes
  10. Hotone Audio Captain Sunset - Nano Amplifier Head
  11. Hotone Audio Eagle's Heart - Nano Amplifier Head
  12. Hotone Audio Freeman B - Nano Amplifier Head
  13. Hotone Audio Siva Boogie - Nano Amplifier Head
  14. Hotone Audio Vulcan Five-O - Nano Amplifier Head
  15. Mosky Tone Bus Power Supply
  16. Mugig A Booster
  17. Mugig Black Box - Cabinet Simulator DI
  18. Mugig Crystal Chorus
  19. Mugig Echooos - Digital Delay
  20. Mugig Green Tube - Overdrive
  21. Mugig Hot Chilli - British Distortion
  22. Mugig Loop Camp
  23. Mugig Modular - 11 Digital Modulation Effects
  24. Mugig Reverburg - Reverb
  25. Nexihum Sound Cult Ayers
  26. Nexihum Sound Cult Black Blood
  27. Nexihum Sound Cult BoogieMaster v1
  28. Nexihum Sound Cult BoogieMaster v2
  29. Nexihum Sound Cult Diagon Alley
  30. Nexihum Sound Cult DoubleFace v1
  31. Nexihum Sound Cult ToneBurst v1
  32. Orion Effekte Twangtone Dakota Drive +
  33. Palmer Pocket series Encore - Looper
  34. Palmer Pocket series Vintage Reverb
  35. Pigtronix Octava Micro
  36. Scary Pedals Ghost Boost
  37. Stacks FX Crazy 8 Tremolo
  38. Stacks FX Dabber - Overdrive
  39. Stacks FX Fuzz Gazer
  40. Stacks FX Lil Guy Boost
  41. Stacks FX Lil Masher - Compressor
  42. Stacks FX Native Lung Reverb
  43. SubDecay Vagabond - Harmonic Tremolo
  44. SubDecay Vector - Analog Preamp
  45. The Tone Mob (by Adventure Audio) The Demogorgan v2

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Syd Barrett's fuzz (by nck.s)

With the 50th anniversary of Pink Floyd's psychedelic debut comes a resurging interest in Syd Barrett's equipment and techniques, along with a new generation of commercial entities seeking to profit from all the excitement. What has remained a constant force over the years of discussion has been a handful of rumors and myths that, when repeated often enough by seemingly authoritative figures, almost become fact. With this small piece of writing, I'll be challenging some of the allegations about Syd Barrett's effects pedal habits with facts in the hope that it will help guitarists to make informed decisions about their spending, as well as potentially ease some new historical evidence out of the woodwork. Discussing and criticizing makes for a healthy and knowledgeable community.


Selmer pedals

Syd Barrett's alleged use of the Selmer's Buzz Tone and (Fuzz-)Wah is one of the stories perpetuated by the Internet that seems to originate from Julian Palacios' biography, 'Lost in the Woods'. We know the band was using Selmer amplifiers early on, so it's certainly not beyond the realms of possibility that they experimented with the pedals too, or that Selmer may have simply put the group's name in advertising for the pedals that are yet to be digitized in the modern age.

The classic riff from 'Interstellar Overdrive' sounds incendiary when coupled with a Selmer Buzz Tone (or any fuzzbox for that matter), but the following video shows that the sound from the album can be nailed with just the Selmer Treble 'n' Bass amplifier.

I'm satisfied with my original Selmer Buzz Tone (and I'll be happier if it ever comes back from being repaired) but I would very much like to see the proof that this model is even remotely connected to the band. At the moment there is nothing tying the two together.

[review] Red Witch Factotum - Bass Suboctave Drive (by JFHerregat)


We have another pedal from New Zealand’s Red Witch Pedals. The pedals are designed by Ben Fulton, founder and creator of Red Witch, and are all analog. Last time I reviewed the Zeus, which was a bass fuzz suboctave. Today I hold it’s brother, the Red Witch Factotum, a bass suboctave drive. It houses the same octaver as the Zeus but has an overdrive instead of the fuzz.

[review] Zorg Effects Glorious Basstar (by JFHerregat)


Zorg effect is a French brand of handcrafted pedals. They have a very distinctive look, with the metal boxes covered with a wooden plate. It took me a while to get used to it, but now I’m in love with that look! What makes them extra cool is that you can order them both as a finished product or as a DIY kit (4 different kinds, more on that later). The Glorious Basstar is an overdrive pedal unlike any other: it gives you full control over your sound. No more loss in the low end!

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