Weekly overview (2017, week 15): 2 new brands and 35 new pedals

collage of this week's updates

2 new brands

  1. Antiphon FX
  2. Scuru

35 new effects

  1. Antiphon FX Sea Drive
  2. Belcat BDR-614 Blood Drive
  3. Belcat FUZ-610 R-Fuzz
  4. Caline CP-08 Caline Power - Isolated DC9V Outputs
  5. Caline CP-33 Looper
  6. Caline CP-34 Headroom - Vintage Distortion
  7. Caline CP-35 Golden Halo - AC Simulated
  8. Caline CP-36 Big Dipper - Pitch Shifter
  9. Caline CP-37 Drifter - Seven Delays
  10. Caline CP-38 Lucky 7 - 7 Modes
  11. Caline CP-39 The Noise - Noise Gate
  12. Caline P10 - Isolated DC9V Outputs
  13. Caline P5 - Isolated Power
  14. Caline P6 - Isolated DC9V Outputs
  15. Champion Leccy The Evil Twin
  16. Champion Leccy The Fat Gett
  17. Champion Leccy The Wee Fettle Boost
  18. fmpedals Zentuary - Dewa Budjana Multi-Effects
  19. Greer Amps Lamplighter - Optical Compressor
  20. Mission Engineering VM-1 Aero Volume Pedal
  21. Multivox MX-201 Multi Echo
  22. Pelican NoiseWorks Half Horse
  23. Radial Tonebone Classic V9 - Overdrive/Distortion
  24. Radial Tonebone Hot British V9 - Plexi-Style Distortion
  25. Radial Tonebone North Star - Country Rock Overdrive/Boost
  26. Radial Tonebone Regency - Pre-Drive & Boost
  27. Radial Tonebone Switchbone V2 - ABY/C Amp Selector and Booster
  28. Radial Tonebone Texas Pro - Overdrive/Boost
  29. Scuru P1 Caline Power - Isolated Protection
  30. SIM1 XT-1
  31. SviSound RetroZoid GF
  32. Thermion Gasoline - High-Octane Drive
  33. Thermion Heartbreaker - Vintage Voiced Saturation
  34. Thorpy FX The Chain Home - Tremolo
  35. Xotic Soul Driven - Overdrive

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[review] Red Witch Factotum - Bass Suboctave Drive (by JFHerregat)


We have another pedal from New Zealand’s Red Witch Pedals. The pedals are designed by Ben Fulton, founder and creator of Red Witch, and are all analog. Last time I reviewed the Zeus, which was a bass fuzz suboctave. Today I hold it’s brother, the Red Witch Factotum, a bass suboctave drive. It houses the same octaver as the Zeus but has an overdrive instead of the fuzz.

[review] Zorg Effects Glorious Basstar (by JFHerregat)


Zorg effect is a French brand of handcrafted pedals. They have a very distinctive look, with the metal boxes covered with a wooden plate. It took me a while to get used to it, but now I’m in love with that look! What makes them extra cool is that you can order them both as a finished product or as a DIY kit (4 different kinds, more on that later). The Glorious Basstar is an overdrive pedal unlike any other: it gives you full control over your sound. No more loss in the low end!

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