Weekly overview (2017, week 03): 8 new brands and 139 new pedals

collage of this week's updates

8 new brands

  1. API Audio
  2. Grindstone Audio
  3. LiberaToe
  4. Meris
  5. Plus Pedal
  6. Quiet Theory Soundworks
  7. Quilter Labs
  8. Sadowsky

139 new effects

  1. Alexander Pedals Sky Fi - Reverb & Delay
  2. Ampeg Classic Analog Bass Preamp
  3. Ampeg Scrambler Bass Overdrive
  4. API Audio TranZformer GT Guitar Pedal - Compressor / EQ / DI
  5. API Audio TranZformer LX Bass Pedal - Compressor / EQ / DI
  6. AudioSprockets TD1 ToneDexter - Acoustic Preamp
  7. Baroni Lab Mini Amp
  8. Boss DS-1-4A 40th Anniversary Distortion
  9. Boss EV-30 Expression Pedal
  10. Braking Train Pedals Frequency Control Fuzz
  11. Catalinbread Belle Epoch Deluxe - Echo Unit CB-3
  12. Catalinbread Epoch Pre - Preamp/Buffer
  13. Chase Bliss Audio Brothers - Analog Gainstage
  14. CIOKS Overkill - 25th Anniversary Power Supply
  15. Crazy Tube Circuits Deranged - Envelope Filter
  16. Crazy Tube Circuits Echotopia - 4-Head Tape Echo
  17. Crazy Tube Circuits Space Charged - Tube Overdrive/Distortion
  18. Crazy Tube Circuits Splash Mk3 Stereo +
  19. Crazy Tube Circuits White Whale - Reverb & Tremolo
  20. Darkglass Electronics Alpha-Omega - Dual Bass Overdrive
  21. Death By Audio Echo Master - Lo-Fi Echo with Effects Loop
  22. Death By Audio Evil Filter
  23. Death By Audio Micro Dream
  24. Deep Trip Muffasaur
  25. Deep Trip Pagebender - Tonebender MkII
  26. Diamond f-Octave
  27. Diamond Reverb
  28. DigiTech CabDryVR - Dual Cabinet Simulator
  29. DigiTech FreqOut - Natural Feedback Creator
  30. DOD Mini Expression
  31. DOD Mini Volume
  32. DOD Rubberneck - Analog Delay
  33. Dwarfcraft Devices Super Wizard
  34. EarthQuaker Devices Space Spiral - Modulated Delay
  35. EBS Black Haze - Overdrive
  36. EBS Drive Me Crazy - Distortion
  37. EBS The Drive - Booster
  38. Electro-Harmonix Blurst - Modulated Filter
  39. Electro-Harmonix Canyon - Delay & Looper
  40. Electro-Harmonix Operation Overlord - Allied Overdrive
  41. Empress Effects EchoSystem - Dual Engine Delay
  42. Empress Effects Tremolo 2 - 10th Anniversary Edition
  43. F Bass Big F Boost
  44. Foxpedal Novaplex - Delay
  45. Foxpedal Quiver - Harmonic Tremolo
  46. Friedman Amplification Buxom Boost
  47. Friedman Amplification Dirty Shirley
  48. Friedman Amplification Motor City Drive
  49. Fuzzrocious Blast Furnace - Gated Fuzz with Momentary Delay
  50. GFI System Specular Eclipse - Reverb/Delay
  51. Glou-Glou Deja-Vu - Multi-Modulation Phaser & Filter
  52. Grace Design Bix - Instrument Preamplifier
  53. Grindstone Audio Nightshade - Overdrive
  54. Grindstone Audio Reveal - Clean Boost
  55. Gurus Amps Sinusoid - Optic Tremolo & Springs Reverb
  56. Hotone Audio Nano Legacy series Britwind - Dual Channel Preamp/Power Amplifier Pedal
  57. Hotone Audio Patch Kommander - Programmable Loop Switcher
  58. Hotone Audio Skyline series Wally+ - Looper
  59. Hotone Audio Xtomp Mini
  60. JHS Pedals + PaxAM + Ryan Adams VCR - High Grade Volume/Chorus/Reverb
  61. JHS Pedals The Milkman - Boost/Echo
  62. Jonny Rock Gear Dino Range - Compressor
  63. Jonny Rock Gear Dude Screamer - Overdrive
  64. Jonny Rock Gear Dyna Boost
  65. Jonny Rock Gear Jojo Cake - Disto/Fuzz
  66. Jonny Rock Gear Moby Depth - Digital Spring Reverb
  67. Jonny Rock Gear Octofuzzy
  68. Jonny Rock Gear Pop Corner - Overdrive
  69. Jonny Rock Gear The Clowntaur - OD/Booster
  70. Jonny Rock Gear The Pink Pit - Reverb
  71. Jonny Rock Gear The Rewolver - JFET Driver
  72. Jonny Rock Gear Wave Rider - Tap Tempo Optical Tremolo
  73. Jonny Rock Gear Ze Mixette - Loop Blender
  74. Keeley Electronics D&M Drive - That Pedal Show signature Boost+Overdrive
  75. Keeley Electronics Filaments - Overdrive
  76. Lehle Mono Volume 90 - Precision Magnetic Sensor
  77. Lehle Stereo Volume - Precision Magnetic Sensor
  78. LunaStone TOD-1 TrueOverDrive1
  79. Mellowtone Dunk Tank - Reverb
  80. Meris Mercury7 - Reverb
  81. Meris Ottobit Jr
  82. Midnight 30 Music Artisan series Preamp + Boost
  83. Mooer Audio Micro Preamp 001
  84. Mooer Audio Micro Preamp 002
  85. Mooer Audio Micro Preamp 003
  86. Mooer Audio Micro Preamp 004
  87. Mooer Audio Micro Preamp 005
  88. Mooer Audio Micro Preamp 006
  89. Mooer Audio Micro Preamp 007
  90. Mooer Audio Micro Preamp 008
  91. Mooer Audio Micro Preamp 009
  92. Mooer Audio Micro Preamp 010
  93. MXR Custom Shop CSP-036 Il Diavolo Overdrive
  94. MXR M-108S Ten Band EQ
  95. MXR M-291 Mini Dyna Comp - Mini Compressor
  96. One Control (designed by BJF) Sonic Silver Peg - SVT Amplifier Emulator
  97. Orange Acoustic Pre
  98. Orange Kongpressor - Compressor
  99. Outlaw Effects Kerosene - Mini Power Supply
  100. Outlaw Effects Rocker Box - Tremolo
  101. Outlaw Effects Six Shooter II - Mini Tuner Pedal
  102. Ovaltone GD-013 - Gravitational Drive Zero-Thirteen
  103. Ovaltone White Face - Hybrid Tube Pre-Amp
  104. Pigtronix Micro Disnortion - Parallel/Series Overdrive/Fuzz
  105. Plus Pedal
  106. Quiet Theory Soundworks Prelude - Delay & Reverb
  107. Quilter Labs MicroBlock 45
  108. Rabbit Hole FX Phaser
  109. Red Panda Tensor - Reverse/Tape Stop Effects
  110. Reuss Musical Instruments DB-01 Double Bender
  111. Reuss Musical Instruments TB-01 Tone Booster
  112. Sadowsky Bass Preamp
  113. Satellite Amplifiers Bass Eradicator - 12AT7 Bass Preamp
  114. Satellite Amplifiers Golden Harem - Sub-Octave Fuzz
  115. Satellite Amplifiers White - Amp Emulator
  116. Seymour Duncan Andromeda - Dynamic Delay
  117. Seymour Duncan PowerStage 170
  118. Sobbat BS-1S Boost Drive Breaker - Booster
  119. Sobbat DB-1S Drive Breaker
  120. Sobbat DB-2S Drive Breaker - Overdrive
  121. Sobbat ODB-1S Over Drive Breaker
  122. Suhr A.C.E. - Analog Cabinet Emulator
  123. Suhr Eclipse - Dual OD/Distortion
  124. T-Rex Binson Echorec
  125. Tech 21 Q\Strip - 4-Band Vintage Console EQ with Parametric Mids
  126. Trace Acoustic Transit-A - Acoustic Pre-Amp and Effects
  127. Trace Elliot Transit-B - Performance Bass Pre-Amp
  128. Tsakalis Audio Works Experience - Fuzz Octave
  129. Tsakalis Audio Works Hubble - MosFET Booster
  130. Tsakalis Audio Works Multicab Sim
  131. Tsakalis Audio Works Tilay - Time Layer Delay
  132. VFE Pedals Dragon - Dynamic Overdrive
  133. VFE Pedals Pinball - Tilt Equalizer
  134. VFE Pedals Standout - Mid Booster
  135. Walrus Audio RED - High-Gain Distortion
  136. Wampler Pedals Dracarys - Distortion
  137. Way Huge WHE408 Russian Pickle - Fuzz
  138. Wrought Iron Orcrist Overdrive
  139. Xvive Mini series E1 Echoman - Analog Delay

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[review] Fuzzrocious Ram The Manparts (by Tim)


At NAMM the guys from Fuzzrocious brought their Ram the Manparts with a bit of a twist; the pedal now comes in blue instead of red and has a slightly different wording as well. To give you a quick overview; this is an extreme fuzz pedal, even at moderate settings (around 12 o’clock) and is probably best suited for people with an appetite for destruction. It features a volume control, a boost toggle and also a “voltage sag”, which basically means that you can starve the chip inside to get some interesting sounds. Turn the right dial all the way down and your sound will completely disappear!

[review] Electro-Harmonix XO Key 9 Electric Piano Machine (by Tim)

General impressions

The EHX Key 9 comes with just enough buttons and inputs, you don’t feel overwhelmed when faced with all the control dials. The operation of the pedal is also very easy and straightforward; you get a dry and a wet volume and two control dials. Usually Ctrl 1 is for the intensity of the effect, Ctrl 2 is to determine the speed. Last but not least there’s the voicing dial with 9 sounds to choose from (hence the name). The pedal comes with a DC adapter, it uses 9 volts like most other pedals, so it won’t be too much of a hassle to put on your pedalboard.

[review] Electro-Harmonix Cock Fight - Cocked Talking Wah (by Tim)


The EHX Cock Fight is what is called a “static wah”, meaning you have a regular wah pedal stuck at a certain frequency. You can of course change this sound by turning the freq. knob on the pedal. In total there are two way modes, called “cry” (more like a regular wah) and “talk” (which sounds a bit like a voice box). As an added bonus you also get a built-in fuzz in the pedal, which can be put pre-signal or post, which gives you more sounds to play with. The biggest feature in my opinion is the fact that you get the option to use an expression pedal as well, which turns the pedal into a regular wah. I do recommend this to get the maximum potential out of the Cock Fight. The pedal comes in a big box with a complimentary DC Adapter, but you can also put this on your pedalboard with any 9V power supply in liking to a Boss pedal.

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